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Taricco Corporation manufactures new composite bonding, drying ovens, and batch process ovens.

ovenTaricco Corporation offers ovens ranging in size from small bench top laboratory ovens to complete turn-key industrial multi-zoned ovens up to 200 feet in length for your composite curing, coating, and paint drying requirements with excellent air flow and temperature uniformity and are built to your specification at an affordable price.

Taricco Corporation is highly qualified through official certification, accreditation, and with the experience it takes to address the composite process and recommend the appropriate hardware for your application.

Oven heating systems All of our ovens can be ordered with a choice of electric or gas heating. Our electric heating units include SCR power controls for smooth ramping, and backup safety contractors for positive disconnect of the heater in case of hi-limit temperature.

TCS™ Control System

Our ovens come standard with the TCS™ computer thermal control system. The TCS™ system is the worlds most advanced software for composite curing and bonding in autoclaves, ovens, presses, and other equipment.

TCS™ provides virtually unlimited options and features designed to address the requirements of the aerospace and thermal processing customers. Reliability of our control system along with the quality of your part is our top concern, and control by TCS™ is the most proven way of achieving it.