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img 12Quality Features & Benefits:

Autoclaves and other composite bonding equipment are engineered and Manufactured by Taricco Corporation

Tariccoâ„¢ Corporation autoclaves are built to meet and exceed A.S.M.E and National Board Codes and Standards and come fully loaded with a 3 piece door locking closure system with NO rotation of door that will scuff the door seal. The Taricco Corporation autoclaves are comprised of fully forged locking rings, machined locking ring lugs, fully automated hydraulic locking mechanism, integral hinge system, internal (not external) insulation, self diagnostic PLC hardware, and TCS control system software for Windows based control which provides our customers with added safety and a higher standard of quality.

The technology which Taricco Corporation uses is far superior to autoclaves that are designed utilizing dated technology such as rotating doors, welded lugs, rolled plate rings, and ratcheted locking mechanisms that are commonly used and have shorter lives due to lamellar discontinuities in rolled plate and higher maintenance costs due to annual NDT inspections of welded lugs and rolled plate rings.

Benefits of the Taricco Corporation forged closure system:

  • Longer autoclave life expectancy
  • Higher safety
  • Closer tolerances
  • Quicker access
  • Lower maintenance costs


Benefits of a Taricco Corporation autoclave with a fan motor housing:

  • No Shaft seals to leak or maintain
  • Quick access to the motor.
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Higher reliability